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My journey is near over
And what do I have to speak of?
Widespread fame
Fame fanning the flames of a wildfire,
An endless exaltation spread across the land.
Remembered by many but having engaged with few.
Can a love be recalled for years after?
Fierce compassionate love lives ages,
Touching hearts, healing souls,
As does Jesus’ love for each hurting human.
For we all hurt in tempest times,
Lost and alone in our pain.
He teaches love.
Compassionate love.
Always our Friend,
Showing us a pattern to engage others with purpose
In giving our love as He did,
Unselfishly, unconditionally.

As partakers of divine love
His grace covers like dew.
Now sprouting, blossoming like a flower
I send forth my distinctive scent,
Engaging many who pass
To share love given us by our Savior.
Though I stretch toward the heavens
I bend, toward those craving compassionate love.
In growing to know each soul
I repose at last,
My journey well spent
For I bowed to Jesus,
Allowing Him to be my Teacher.


My hollow heart extended no love
until it was filled with the Lord above.
Christ came to me one Christmas season–
a gift from a friend who had a reason.

A reason to rejoice in the baby Jesus
who’d been loved by some
But sent for all,
To become our Savior afterall.

My mind was set on fame, you see,
A quest that would have surely destroyed me.
But a friend reached out,
Showing me Christ.
And baby Jesus came to stay,
In my heart one Christmas day.

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