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The Lord has loved me
Through the long age of silence
And disabling fear
Though I knew it not
He held me
In His nail-pierced hand
Keeping sight of the child
He purchased with His blood
Lending me strength

The Lord has loved me
Through the long age of pain
He cradled me in His arms
Keeping wolves away
He is the Good Shepherd
He whispered in my ear
When I felt His arms embrace
You are My beloved
Precious in My sight
Come walk with Me

The Lord has loved me
Through an extended age of growth
He holds my hand
A nurturing Friend
Though I don’t deserve His love
He will never let me go

Renewed, refreshed
And strong
Committed to knowing Him
I commune with my Savior
Walking hand in hand

How can a life shine brighter
Than a life with God astride
His strength overshadowing all
Healing hurt
Calming fear
Giving a voice to silence
All because He loves me

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