Encountering God

Capturing the beauty of God's creation
I gaze through pines toward heaven's gate
Is there a place for me?
Fluttering leaves of poplar wave 
somehow sensing I'm nature's friend
I'm grateful for the nonjudgmental
Flowing valley draws me down
toward soothing sea
I seek a gentle soul

Misty beach becomes my path
My new friend, Jesus and I converse
His love for me transcends it all
My bare feet embrace warm sands
holding the imprint expressed
Till mounting waves 
wash over evidence
Clouding remembrance of a walk 
with Him

I despair, retreating to ancient forest
in my mind, resting against redwood
I close my eyes
A gentle voice calls my name
It's Jesus, my Defender
He shields my heart
holding me blameless
Satan's lies, his accusations, 
can no longer hurt me

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