God loves you and me
even in our sins
He would not give us up
but came to rescue all
who would just turn around
to face our dying Savior
on the cross at Calvary
Absorb the depth of love
Jesus radiates from His heart
as the loving Savior and Creator
Who died for you and me

Christ knew not how it would end
For the Father had made Him
to be all humanity's sin
so heinous in God's sight
The Father withdrew
and Jesus feared this separation
would  become His permanent lot
Our dear Jesus laid in the grave
His friends thought that was the end
They didn't yet understand His mission

But Jesus was destined 
to rise from the dead
in living glory
honored by the Father
and adored by those
who would love Him back
When we are faithful 
to Him through the end
He gives us His righteousness
Our passport to eternity
earned by Jesus
at Calvary

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