Jesus Christ is beckoning you
to walk with Him
A  relationship with Him
will nurture you
Come what may
He'll ask for complete
surrender of self
to follow His Way
Surrender your heart
in growing relationship
Surrender your mind
to always please Him

His Being is love
He'll draw you closer
to reveal His heart
You'll just want to stay
close to Him

Be aware
Your deeds point others
to Jesus Christ
You've become a light
to the dying world
Convicting others of their
need to repent
and follow Jesus
our Lord and Savior

He can transform the worst
Melt the heart of a callous
Jesus can turn their affections 
to Himself
His love embraces
and transforms

Jesus Christ is calling you
Take a step toward Him 
For He loves you with
an everlasting love
and wants to guide 
your journey
toward life in His 
glorious Kingdom
Be joyful of Christ's
imminent return


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  1. zkstone on

    Love it


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