His promise was sure
A virgin gave birth
to the Christ Child
The infant of the ages

A plan set forth before time began
to save humanity
Proclaimed by God Himself
to our parents of the Fall

Then endless generations
looked for a Savior
When God sent His only Son
He was born in a stable
amongst a donkey, cattle, and sheep

His Mother, Mary named Him Jesus
as spoken by the angel Gabriel
His father, Joseph whisked them to Egypt
for King Herod, Satan's agent 
plotted Christ's death

On the Holy Family's return
Mary taught the growing toddler
in the knowledge of God's own Word

God and Man intertwined as One
Jesus swept human error aside
Confirmed all Ten Commandments

He healed the sick
Brought sight to the blind
And raised the dead to life
He taught us how to live

Christ set a new standard
by which one could be measured:
To die for our friends
as He did for us
Indeed the highest expression of love

He became sin for us
and died in our place
that we could attain
to life everlasting with Him

We kneel before the Christ Child today
The Word made Flesh
born to free the captives of sin
To draw us close to Him

May we put our faith in Him 
For Jesus is the only Way,
the Truth, and the Life

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