Why would you die?
Turn to Jesus and live.
Our hearts become corrupted
with our worldly endeavors.
We naturally don't seek God
We strive for merit and success.
Our natural inclination
leans toward comfort and selfishness.

When we come to Jesus
He unlocks our chained up hearts.
He interests us in others needs
and opens wide 
our fledgling hearts. 

Jesus directs us toward
those who weep,
comforting these whom Jesus loves.
He leads us to the lost and weary
to rescue them from Satan's lies,
pointing out his deadly deceptions.

We give them hope
in Jesus' promises,
directing them to
the Word of God.

Christ puts us on 
a better path
bound for heaven's
pearly gates.
He leads us through life's 
struggles together
Our lives bound up in Him --
Our God, our Savior, and our King.


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