Are we meant to achieve peace on earth in our own strength and human wisdom?  Don’t we have to value every human life, including the fetus and the elderly, before we can attain status to rule the world in peace and safety?  Do we have within us the moral fiber to embrace peace, or are some of us so diseased with iniquity that it will take divine intervention to bring this whole mess to order and a lasting peace?

Humanity tends to flatter itself, looking forward to a day when all is brought under control by man’s wisdom.  The Apostle Paul writes, “For the wisdom of the world is foolishness with God” (1 Cor. 3:19).

The perfect plan for man lies in God’s heart.  Only He can draw us to Himself, recreating us in His image.  Only the Holy Spirit can bring us to our knees in confession.  Only God can forgive us of our sins, as He prepares us for our right place in His Kingdom.

There would always be the dark stain of sin against all of us without a Savior, our precious Jesus.  His love for us is vast and led Him to give His life for us, even a cruel death on the Cross.  We cannot save ourselves, but must believe in Jesus and trust in His sacrifice to save us.

How, then, is world peace going to be established in a world where leaders and many clergymen trust that man can bring lasting peace to this broken planet?

The Gospel of what God has done to save us is being preached to the whole world.  The Bible is being opened for the first time before many everyday.  You might ask whether God devised a plan to make sure all people who come to love and obey Him are finally reunited with Him.

Jesus promised He would come back to take His faithful to heaven.  He said there will be signs on the earth and in the heavens heralding His imminent return.  But will mankind have established peace on earth before Christ’s Second Coming, or will Christ need to come, rescuing the world from an impending global disaster we cannot extricate ourselves from?

Jesus said the Last Days will be like the days of Noah, when there was much evil and violence fomented by men having little interest in God.  Christ’s coming will be an overwhelming and unexpected event to those who don’t have a relationship with God.  When He comes, He will usher in the perfect peace of His Kingdom for all who love Him and obey all of His Commandments.

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