“The Casting of Crowns” Is Published

Not only teens and young adults will enjoy reading my first book, as the protagonist is a young adult, but the adults I had read it before publication also loved it.  The following is a blurb.

Carissa is a young, serious, college student.  When the New World Order takes control of the college, banning her major, Christian Religious Studies, Carissa is stunned.  The government is now controlled by the Pope and the United States President.

Some people are comfortable with this, believing the promises of world peace and harmonious religious unity.  Carissa will not be pushed around.  She joins a Bible study even though it is outlawed.  Carissa, her housemate Sally, and Bible study leader Alex become champions in winning souls for Christ.  Constant danger surrounds the Bible groups efforts.

Carissa falls in love with John, while she develops a growing relationship with Jesus.

She faces a daunting decision that will forever change her life.  THE CASTING OF CROWNS points the reader, along with Carissa, to Bible truths, and prompts each to consider his or her everlasting destiny as the signs of the times point to the soon Second Coming of Christ.

THE CASTING OF CROWNS, in both paperback and ebook, is available online at Amazon and online at Barnes and Noble.  Also, coming to a bookstore near you.    

10 comments so far

  1. Pure Glory on

    Betsy, congratulations on the publishing of your book. May it be a blessing to many!

    • betsyborchardt on

      Thank you. I praise and thank God for giving me something important to say in my book.


  2. L. Holthaus on

    WOW! Betsy, that sounds amazing! Congratulations to you! I will be reading it. I forwarded it to Carol, and others.

    Love, Linda

    • betsyborchardt on

      Hi Linda,

      Thanks much. The enthusiasm is growing. My daily part-time work now is marketing my book. One of the live spots for me to introduce my book will be right here in Redgranite over Labor Day at the Arts Fair.


  3. zkstone on

    Sounds like an interesting read. Congratulations!

    • betsyborchardt on

      Thanks for the compliment. I wish you much satisfaction and success with your writing!

      • zkstone on

        Thank you. Do you have a facebook page or something I can help you promote?

      • betsyborchardt on


        Thank you much. I’m on twitter @eolkb6 and G+ Also have started as an author on goodreads. Contact me on my email at eolkb6.0@gmail.com


      • zkstone on

        Following you on both. I’m going to try and read your book soon.

        God Bless

      • betsyborchardt on

        That’s wonderful. A short review or comments on Amazon or other site after you’ve read my book would help others choose to read it, too. Enjoy the read!

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