God’s heart cannot be hemmed in
Oh, that I could experience it all day
But the ruler of this world pours acid
Aiming at our central core
For Satan wants to destroy the beauty
Flowing within us
That love planted by our Creator
Instilled with joy
Nurtured by our heart connection with Him

Hurts and distractions bombard us somedays
Causing some to stray from our mission
To love one another
As He has loved us

Fear imprisons the hopeless
Battered souls
Blown near the edge of the abyss
Craving love lost from sight

A faithful, caring Christian
Snatches this hopeless one
Worn from the struggle with Satan

Carrying him with strength
Gained by Jesus’ victory over sin and death
To a meadow dotted with white lilies
Where only beauty abides
This deprived, beloved soul
Catches a glimpse of Jesus
Not far off

Healed, whole, and beautiful
The rescued owns a jubilant heart
As Jesus takes his hand
Renewed by the Savior’s love
He dances with Jesus’ heart
Love entwined with love
Forever trusting in God’s mercy
And faithfulness

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  1. Men of One Accord on

    The soft whisper
    Of the Son,
    A warming tone
    To the battered heart
    His gentle touch
    Upon the tear stained cheek
    His strong arms embrace
    The broken one
    As He carries
    His child home.
    Thank-you my dear sister, 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    • betsyborchardt on

      You’ve penned a very touching response, inspired by my post. as I’ve interpreted it. Such a beautiful addition! I’m so happy your gift is shining again.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Men of One Accord on

        Oh Besty, The words I penned that day are simply the vision your poem brings to ones eyes. For me to pen your words are beautiful would have been an understatement, again thank-you for the blessing of heart. James


  2. […] This poem was inspired by a blogger, a prayer warrior, and a sister in Christ Jesus. […]


    • betsyborchardt on

      Thanks for the ping back to my post LOVE IS FAITHFUL. Your poem The Shepherd is very beautiful.


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