My friend is dying
Lord, what did he ever do
To deserve prolonged suffering?
My mind cannot grasp a reason
Other than our human condition
Deceived by Satan
Into receiving sinful natures
A scourge on humankind
All destined to die
And many, untimely deaths
Like my friend
Young yet,
Formerly bright
Struck down by Huntingtons
A cruel disease

What can help to transform
Our world of destruction?
Hearts bound to Jesus’ heart
Ready to give rather than receive
Functioning as a cradle for grieving
Embracing vulnerable souls
Leading them to the Great Healer

What smooths jagged emotions
Left by a legacy of sin?
Lifts hopes for redemption?

Grace from God
Flowing to sinners
Finding an anchor in faith
In Jesus’ perfect sacrifice

Looking forward
To an everlasting home
Standing in His presence
Casting our crowns at His feet
The Lord of the universe
Our healing balm

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  1. […] Source: HOPE FOR A FALLEN WORLD […]

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    • betsyborchardt on

      Dear SC,
      I’m glad you liked my poem. Thanks for the pingback. I wish you much success in your blog.


  2. Michael Basham on

    Praying for your friend, there’s always hope!


    • betsyborchardt on

      Yes, There is hope. Medical science and miracles do wonders at times. Thank you for your sensitive comment and your prayers. My friend triumped in the end. He had a steady faith in Jesus Christ. He is at rest in the grave, awaiting his Creator’s call to everlasting life when our Savior comes again in glory to resurrect the faithful and turn our bodies into incorruptible bodies to abide forever with Him, never feeling pain or suffering again.

      Bless you for appreciating my blog posts.



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