Lord, I want to do Your work
But who am I
A sinner, a procrastinator
A halfhearted Christian
One who wants to pick and choose
Her assignments
Who judges the importance
Of the mission
Whose participation hinges
On the chances of success

Lord, let me see
Through Your eyes
A role You’ve planned for me
Before time began
An assignment guided only by Your hand
Requiring no special talent
Asking only faith in Your workings
Abandonment of self

I fold my hands in prayer
Humbling my heart
That I might be
Worthy to serve You
Help me participate
Believing in Your grand design
Not known fully to me now
But to be revealed
After I’ve made You Lord
Of my life
Have fought the good fight
And stand before You
On that sea of glass
In eternity
With You
My Lord and Savior

6 comments so far

  1. autisticaplanet on

    Reblogged this on autisticaplanet blogs and commented:
    Excellent and to the point poem regarding living in the Lord’s will, Christians should take notice!

    • betsyborchardt on


      Thanks so much for giving more readers the opportunity to read my poem. Keep up your blog. It is valuable to others.


  2. autisticaplanet on

    Your poem is excellent! It is down to earth and expresses the things a Christian should be thinking about, the main one, am I doing God’s will or following my own? Thank you for writing and sharing it!

    • betsyborchardt on


      Thanks for stopping by. I value your comment and hope others get as much out of reading my poem as you did. And thank you for reblogging the poem. That’s a real compliment.


  3. estoyenmanosdelalfarero on

    This poem is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    • betsyborchardt on

      I’m happy you liked my poem. I feel in sharing others can relate or learn. And thank you for the follow. I see you have been exploring my site. I appeciate that. I am on a spiritual journey I have been sharing with my readers.

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