A new day is dawning.
Peace and safety are harbored in my heart
for I sought the Lord’s counsel;
Wisdom and understanding guide my sails.

The Lord is my compass;
Oars I need not
for His breath moves me
when winds are calm.

My spirit stirs within me.
I seek the Lord
for I am burdened;
My brother knows You not, Lord.

He sails into tempestuous seas
seeking adventure,
But is in danger of going down
into the abyss — an eternal death.

Lord, calm the waves.
Draw him to safe shore.
For I will seek him, teaching him Your ways.
You, the Great Captain, will direct his ship forevermore.

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  1. Men of One Accord on

    A Pugnacious Prayer, I love it! Very Very well done! đŸ™‚ Blessings my sister, James


    • betsyborchardt on

      So happy you liked my expression of the Lord’s power over the combative nature of the seas. If we depend on Him we will always find victory over evil. Blessings to you always, Betsy


      • Men of One Accord on

        Combative Nature seas of Sin! After I have penned a poem I often find so much in it than the face value of the words. Look again at this poem and see how deeply the instruction there is in it! Again very very Good!


      • betsyborchardt on

        Yes, James. I neglected to mention seas “of sin” because I thought it was understood. It’s great you found the poem so instructive. Too, each time I read the poem through I find new and deeper meaning. Betsy


  2. Men of One Accord on

    Do not change the poem yes it is understood that is just one of the treasures we find inside of a poem! I was just adding my understanding and emphasis to my reading of a Great poem! I have a reading the 19th on that Sunday night and the pastor would like for me to explain some of my poems? I have written a new poem and I can hardly get through it without crying. It has deep meaning to me but I do not think others will get it. I think you will, but I am saving it for that night! God Bless, James


    • betsyborchardt on

      I’m happy the pastor has included you in the readings. I think there will be someone there who will understand it. I know for myself, I read your poems through at least twice to get your meaning. If it would be possible to get a copy of your poems in front of everyone, maybe do a PowerPoint presentation that would aid people’s understanding. God Bless


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