Have you ever thought about it? Is God deserving of our worship? Can someone other than God meet our deepest needs?

Let’s explore these ideas. What deep, primal needs does God satisfy for the believer? Everyone needs to be accepted. God does not turn anyone away. He lovingly beckons all to join His family of believers, the Body of Christ. And He takes us as we are. Humans handle this differently. We want people to change to suit us. God doesn’t require us to get rid of those bad habits first. He only requires us to believe in Jesus’ sacrifice for us on the cross, to come to Him on our knees in confession and repentance, and to obey Him. Obedience, then, is not a burden, but an act of love on our part for a loving Father who knows what we need for happiness. Not continuous bliss, but a journey ripe with relationships that satisfy, including an intimate relationship with our Creator. As we draw close to Him, He embraces us, imparting peace, grace, and a certainty of eternal life with Him as long as we remain true to Him.

Another of our needs is love. No one loves us more than God. His love is unconditional. We don’t have to love Him first or obey Him to earn His love. He just loves us. Period. Even though we are flawed and sinful, God extends His arms to embrace us, soothing us with His compassion, leading us on our journey. If we abide in Him, this journey will lead to Heaven.

Who wouldn’t want to love and worship a God who satisfies our every need? Sadly, only those without love. The next time you encounter a lost soul without love, extend to him or her behavior that speaks of love and compassion. Just a smile and a few well chosen words can do wonders. Then lead them to God. Tell them what God has done for you. Many will accept a relationship with a God who satisfies needs others can’t satisfy.

Why do you worship God? What has He done for you? Share if you’d like.

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  1. robin claire on

    I don’t know about the worship part; I just found out that I LOVE God!! What a concept! I used to think I hated him because my life has been so hard. Why didn’t He rescue me when I was little? I grew up with a twisted mind because of the way I was raised. And my mind is still somewhat twisted – though God is slowly working it out.
    But, with my whole heart, I still want to do what He wants me to do, and I’ve heard that this is what love is all about.
    robin claire
    ps – can you please put a “Follow” widget on your blog so I can follow you? I really like your blog. I feel like we are similar in some ways.


    • betsyborchardt on

      Hi robin claire,
      Your act of loving God is an act of worship in itself. I thought as you did growing up that God didn’t love me because He didn’t give me what I wanted most. God is always there with us and I’ve found, too, that He fixes and changes us as time passes, only when we are ready to change. For only then can we appreciate His love for us. Many of us have had rough experiences in life. Only by trusting in God and learning to reciprocate God’s love for us do we find happiness. Betsy


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