Modern Day Miracles?

We all know God worked many miracles throughout the Bible. He parted the Red Sea and comsumed Elijah’s soaking sacrifice with fire from heaven. Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead and He fed the four thousand with seven loaves of bread and a few fish. Peter healed the lame man by the power of God. And many of us expect to be reunited with dead loved ones in Christ after God raises them from the dead. God’s power is endless. But what about today? Right now. Does God work miracles among a sinful and unbelieving people of today? I think he does if we let him.

Let me share a personal experience. Ten years ago I was still a heavy cigarette smoker, having defiled my body with this destructive habit for some twenty-two years. Cigarettes had gradually become my best friend. I came to a juncture. I knew either I would smoke myself to an early grave or I would free myself from this habit and live. But the problem was, I didn’t really want to quit smoking. It was just too pleasurable. I was helpless, it seemed, until I turned to God for help. I realized He was my lifeline. Everything else had failed–going cold turkey, nicotine patches, Nicorette gum.

I cried out to God in prayer. I put faith in Him 100 percent. I told Him I knew He could take care of my problem. I couldn’t fathom how, but I believed He knew how. And I asked Him to take away my desire to smoke.

About three months later I was stricken by a stomach ailment that landed me in the hospital. Since smoking was not allowed anywhere at the hospital, I knew I had to just tough it out. After a day my stomach problem had me feeling horrible, yet. Another day passed and I hadn’t even had any nicotene withdrawal symptoms. The doctor found a remedy for my stomach and I was set to be discharged. That day I knew God had given me this chance to quit smoking. It was a gift I took and I haven’t smoked since. It has been ten years and my desire to smoke also vanished. Clearly this was a miracle. God is so good.

Do you believe God works miracles today? Please feel free to comment or share a miracle God worked in your life or in the life of a loved one.

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  1. Justin on

    Reblogged this on By the Blood of the Lamb.


    • betsyborchardt on


      Thank you for reblogging my post on your site. Everyone on the web needs to know of the miraculous power of God. I am happy to share my testimony with you and your viewers.


      • Justin on

        Amen! That’s the purpose behind the site to show the miraculous power of God and His love to the world. God bless 🙂


  2. Men of One Accord on

    My Life is a Story of Miracles, Sometimes when I pray I ask God do You remember When things was like this and You did that. For example when I was homeless and was about to end my life You came and found me. Do You Remember Jesus? Some of my story can be found on my blog ” A Son Off the Edge”. That is how my walk with Him began almost 24 years ago.
    Yes I have seen my share of miracles. May the Love the Lord bless you this day with a sonshine hug, Amen. James


    • betsyborchardt on

      Praise the Lord. He took you, a precious child of His and 24 years ago lifted you up from total despair. He has used you to bring others to Him. I love the thanks you give to God in prayer. He is so deserving. He has worked miracles in your life because He loves you so very much. May your life shine as a beacon to ohers, a testimony to His miraculous power. Thanks, James for the reference to “A Son Off the Edge” on your blog. I will look it up. Thanks for the prayer and hugs.


  3. robin claire on

    Hi Betty,
    You get modern-day-miracles like I get sometimes. I want to ask God to take away the smoking even though I still LOVE it! But what if He uses pain as a part of the miracle-producing process? I would love to see Him work in that area of my life but – I’m scared of pain; very scared of it, for some reason.


    • betsyborchardt on

      robin claire,
      I’d love to hear about the miracles God has worked for you in addition to converting you to Christianity from atheism. That’s a pretty big miracle right there. I don’t think you need to worry about pain as a part of one of His miracles. He is so kind and loving. None of Jesus’ miracles performed while He was here on earth involved pain, but just the opposite–they were pain free and immediate for the sufferer. Trust in God. He can come through for you if you want to be healed. Think no smoke–healthy body–longer life.


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