Strength Through Faith

Praise God from whom
all wisdom comes
Wisdom that leads to 
our blessing others
God endows us with strength
as long as we 
abide in Christ
While divinely fortified,
We can flee from 
the devil's plans for us
He intends to take us down

While connected to Christ
we can participate
in God's plans for us,
following Him in faith

He bids us now to get ready
for Christ's Second Coming
Read your Bible daily
Compare scripture with scripture

Pray to receive God's truth,
necessary golden nuggets 
in these End Times
Honor God by keeping  
holy His seventh-day Sabbath

Walk with Him in repentance
and with praise on your lips,
proclaiming what God 
has done for you

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Here's what one reader, G.M. Rayford, had to say about my book:
"A poignant story of the last days.  For Christ I love and for Christ I die.
A foretelling of what's to come. . .eternal life or death.  Will you be
ready?  Hat's off to the author for giving a realistic view of what's to

Grow in Christ

Some seem sure of their standing with God
but know little of God's requirements
Keep the course Jesus sets for you---
Obey God's Ten Commandments
out of love for our Creator
In season and out of season

Grow to know God intimately
through prayer, Bible reading,
and your life experiences
Prayer can touch the heart of God
It is a holy responsibility
In prayer we find hope
a recognition that God is for us
A humble, repeated request 
finally answered
Can begin a rock solid 
relationship with God
as we grow in Him
and depend on Him
showing others we know Him
In Him we are infinitely blessed---
shown a taste of heaven

Jesus invites us to 
read His holy word, the Bible
Scripture reveals Jesus
speaks of His ways 
and His love for us
Making clear the path to salvation

Everyone needs to nurture
a relationship with Jesus
Honoring Him, and worshiping Him
as Creator 

Learn from Jesus'  example
how to treat others
Following Him and abiding in Him

Tell many about how Jesus saves
and what He has done for you
Speak of what the Father 
has gifted you in 
the Lord Jesus Christ

A Memorial

To live and grow old
To love well
To grow in wisdom
These are goals for a long life

To live with honor
and bold purpose
To love ones country
Exchanging longevity
for insuring the freedom of  
countrymen, women, and
These become the epitaph 
of our valiant, fallen soldiers
enshrined in history 

What Pleases God?

Our lives are upended
Emotions ragged
We feel like failures
Unexpectedly, an inspiration
woos us, saying
Visit the elderly
at the nursing home
We don't know them
But we've heard
many have no visitors
And staff are just too busy 
to spend the time that's needed
to serve as ambassadors for Christ

So, we become volunteers
Reading mail to residents
Pouring coffee and discussing news
Holding the hands of bedridden residents
And listening to the concerns
of troubled souls
Just being there for them
Bringing healing to the human heart

The Holy Spirit thrives in us
God is working through us
Heed the call of God
He longs to work through you

Triumphant Lord

Jesus came to save the sinner
His perfect life
He credited to us
who believe in His loving sacrifice

Satan continually targeted the Savior
Clashing with His holiness
Attempting always to bring Him down
Jesus Christ would not fall from favor
His hours of daily prayer 
with His Father
kept Him robust spiritually
Ready to meet 
huge demands each day

Of both human and divine natures
His divinity, in check
for the safety of the mission,
Christ depended on the Father
for strength and direction
He modeled for us
dependence on the Father
as we should do also

Jesus Christ yielded to His enemies
at the time He chose
for He gave His life
while voluntarily enduring
unfathomable pain
under the weight of all our sins 
on the Cross of Calvary 

Determined to succeed
He never opened His mouth
in retaliation, through it all
Rather, He saw our salvation through
to the end, till death

Jesus slept in the grave 
victorious over sin
And rose from the dead, triumphantly 
He had conquered death and sin
assuring us of everlasting life
if we believe in Him
and serve Him out of love

Let Jesus Christ be praised!


God wants to heal us
of pride and selfishness
After the Fall we were alienated
from direct relationship with Him

We join the world
in struggling to excel
Elevating self 
above love for God
above consideration for our neighbor

God urges a loftier vision
To worship Him alone,
not letting self run the show
But dying to self 
Taking up our cross daily
and following Jesus

God has plans for us
The doubts we had 
no longer dominate
Our footing is solid,
Our success is sure
for we are united with Christ
We bow to the King of the universe
He created us
and knew us from conception
He called us
We became loyal to His cause
Our names are written 
in the Book of Life

With increased vigor
we spread the gospel
Now humble, selfless disciples
of Jesus Christ, our Lord
and Savior

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Our help comes from the Lord
He is mighty beyond comparison.
He protects us daily,
leaving our enemies
strewn in the dirt.

We are an investment for God
He teaches us how to reflect
the divine image of His Son
If people are to turn to Jesus
they need friends who reflect His love
They need to know we've been
with Jesus

Others see beauty
The beauty of Christ
dwelling within us
Not a New Age Christ
but Jesus Christ who died
for us, on the Cross of Calvary
Freely laying His life down
that we might be with Him
freed from sins stranglehold.
Jesus Christ is our only ticket
to heaven

God has given His people
a powerful mandate,
to bring present light
and His saving love  
to those open to God's goodness
and His marvelous grace.

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“The Casting of Crowns”

Today, long, dark shadows of a New World Order approach. Its stern implementation of control, both spiritual and temporal, has seeded the nations. As new fears arise, global citizens will feel helpless and obligated to comply with orders of the church/state government under pain of persecution, unless they abide in Jesus and follow His lead, including keeping all of His Ten Commandments.

Jesus wants you to glide through this radical shift and watch for His second coming, while developing heavenly virtues. He wants you to see beyond the chaos by experiencing a rich, personal relationship with Him now. The first virtue Jesus wants you to develop or deepen, upon which all other virtues build, is faith. Go to Him in prayer daily. Have faith in the promises of God. They are sprinkled throughout the Bible. Read the Bible daily, for your salvation depends on knowing Him personally.

My novel, “The Casting of Crowns,” is eye-opening concerning what Bible prophecy tells us to expect. Carissa, the protagonist, and her college friends lean on God’s wisdom instead of man’s doctrines or worldly knowledge. They study the Bible.

Persecution does not deter Carissa. She keeps one of her Bibles hidden, even though Bibles are outlawed by the government. The last days may be scary to people who don’t have an abiding relationship with Jesus. Most people could easily be deceived, thinking they will most certainly be ushered into heaven or given another chance after a so-called “Rapture”.

The “Casting of Crowns” is a character driven story and at the same time exposes myths the characters can discard and truths they can hold onto in preparing for heaven.

It is a dual love story for Carissa. Her growing love for Jesus becomes seemingly sure, while her solid love for her boyfriend, John, could eventually sway her allegiance away from Jesus. Follow Carissa and her college friends as they prepare for Christ’s Second Coming and attempt to witness to other souls, during trying times, of God’s love for them.

Betsy O. Borchardt, author of “The Casting of Crowns”

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I will lift Your name high
in the glory of Your truth
and the darkness of apostasy
You've marvelously conceived of me
in the likeness of Your image
as one to broadcast
Your lovingkindness

Even though sin has tainted my soul
You did not cast me
away from Your presence 
But consecrated me
as a child of God

You sent Your Son, Jesus
to save us all, sinners
Those who have faith
in Jesus' saving sacrifice
are washed in His blood
Reborn and renewed
for we've sought to know
Christ crucified

I revere Your Law constantly
Never measuring the right way to go
for I follow the path 
You lay before me

Imbued with Your Spirit
I rejoice in my future
You've given me wisdom
I turn to You for strength
to complete my journey
You honor Your promise
by preparing for me 
a paradise in heaven
You're my God and Savior 

You Can Rely On Him

When darkness surrounds you
turn to Jesus
He is the Light of Life
When all seems lost
He is there by your side
helping you to cope
When you can't get up
call His name
Jesus will help you up

His mercies help define
who He is
His grace is free for
Talk to Jesus 
He'll become your Best Friend
Confide in Him
He'll help you see clearly
Trust in Jesus
He'll provide your needs

Surrender your will to Him
each day
Give Him your heart
He'll set your course
for service to God
He loves you eternally
And when the time comes
for His return
You'll rise to be with Him

My Last Days novel, THE CASTING OF CROWNS, is still available. Follow Carissa and her friends as they try to follow Jesus in the ever darkening world ruled by the Anti-Christ. Explore Bible truths evident to the Reformers 500 years ago. Discover the Sabbath truth and how it has blessed so many Seventh-day Adventists. Sit on the edge of your seats while Carissa defies authorities that would have her taken out of the way. THE CASTING OF CROWNS is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, any online book seller or by special order at your favorite bookstore. It’s out in paperback as well as e-book.

Betsy O. Borchardt


Encountering God

Capturing the beauty of God's creation
I gaze through pines toward heaven's gate
Is there a place for me?
Fluttering leaves of poplar wave 
somehow sensing I'm nature's friend
I'm grateful for the nonjudgmental
Flowing valley draws me down
toward soothing sea
I seek a gentle soul

Misty beach becomes my path
My new friend, Jesus and I converse
His love for me transcends it all
My bare feet embrace warm sands
holding the imprint expressed
Till mounting waves 
wash over evidence
Clouding remembrance of a walk 
with Him

I despair, retreating to ancient forest
in my mind, resting against redwood
I close my eyes
A gentle voice calls my name
It's Jesus, my Defender
He shields my heart
holding me blameless
Satan's lies, his accusations, 
can no longer hurt me

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Could we but see
our success down the road;
we would follow Jesus
His path produces holiness
His ways are truth and life
We are blessed to be in His presence

His love shines forth
We possess no fear
We gather 'round 
the Light of Life
Jesus dispels the darkness
He's reaching out to you
Do you want to learn of Him?

Talk to Him in prayer,
read your Bible,
study it through
It testifies of Jesus Christ
He is the only Way 
to everlasting life

by Betsy O. Borchardt takes place in the last days 
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Light shattering all darkness
mounts the horizon.
Angels robed in white appear,
presenting our Redeemer.
His glorious presence shining forth
coming to rescue His people.

Sinners lie dead in the streets.
Mistaking a lie for truth. 
Wreckage of the self-enlightened,
They thought too much of themselves.

Graves burst open, yielding
glorious bodies, 
incorruptible now,
rejoicing in God their Savior.
All saints alive, 
rise to meet their Creator.
The faithful, given immortality.
A caravan of sorts,
bound for heaven,
Led by the Person of Jesus Christ.  


God loves you and me
even in our sins
He would not give us up
but came to rescue all
who would just turn around
to face our dying Savior
on the cross at Calvary
Absorb the depth of love
Jesus radiates from His heart
as the loving Savior and Creator
Who died for you and me

Christ knew not how it would end
For the Father had made Him
to be all humanity's sin
so heinous in God's sight
The Father withdrew
and Jesus feared this separation
would  become His permanent lot
Our dear Jesus laid in the grave
His friends thought that was the end
They didn't yet understand His mission

But Jesus was destined 
to rise from the dead
in living glory
honored by the Father
and adored by those
who would love Him back
When we are faithful 
to Him through the end
He gives us His righteousness
Our passport to eternity
earned by Jesus
at Calvary


Jesus gave us the Beatitudes, recorded in the Bible , Matthew 5:1-12.  When I read through them I find joy, hope and comfort.  They are promises to you and me and all those who want to prepare for heaven.  

Jesus declares those who are “poor in spirit” and “who realize their need for Him” (v. 3) will surely enter the kingdom of heaven.  Jesus promises that His Father blesses those who mourn, giving them comfort.  This promise of God is most applicable to our pandemic.  We have pretty much all lost someone or something of value and great meaning to us that cannot be replaced.  Yet God will comfort us as no one else can. 

Also, God blesses those with a gentle and lowly manner.  They know how to treat others with love and compassion.  They are the meek of heart whom God promises will inherit the earth.  Wow! 

God will bless those who “hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled” (v. 6).  

“God blesses those who are merciful, for they will be shown mercy” (v. 7).

As a gift to those whose hearts are pure, God promises they will see Him and live with Him forever.

God blesses the peacemakers for they will be called the children of God, worthy of heaven.

God blesses those who are persecuted because their lives are dedicated to God, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

God blesses everyone who is mocked and persecuted and lied about because they are Christ’s followers, for they are promised a great reward in heaven.

        Scripture quotations taken from the New Living Translation of the Bible




Jesus Christ is beckoning you
to walk with Him
A  relationship with Him
will nurture you
Come what may
He'll ask for complete
surrender of self
to follow His Way
Surrender your heart
in growing relationship
Surrender your mind
to always please Him

His Being is love
He'll draw you closer
to reveal His heart
You'll just want to stay
close to Him

Be aware
Your deeds point others
to Jesus Christ
You've become a light
to the dying world
Convicting others of their
need to repent
and follow Jesus
our Lord and Savior

He can transform the worst
Melt the heart of a callous
Jesus can turn their affections 
to Himself
His love embraces
and transforms

Jesus Christ is calling you
Take a step toward Him 
For He loves you with
an everlasting love
and wants to guide 
your journey
toward life in His 
glorious Kingdom
Be joyful of Christ's
imminent return


Scripture Reveals Jesus Christ

Christ came as an infant
born human, yet divine
His mission was to set us free
to break the chains of our misery
Then offer us sweet victory

That night in the city of Bethlehem
No one made room for Joseph
and Mary, about to give birth
The holy family was shown to a stable
The only warmth, contact with cattle
Attending parents received Jesus
at His birth
Joseph wrapped Him in swaddling clothes
and laid him in Mary's arms
Both pondering the miracle of Jesus' birth
and their awesome duty to God
for they knew Jesus was to save His people

While in the city of Bethlehem
Everyone slept, warm in their beds
They hadn't been watching 
for the Savior's birth
prophesied in the Scriptures --
both place and time

Shepherds attending their flocks nearby
heard, yes saw angels announce
Christ's holy birth
They went to worship
the newborn King
Come let us adore Him

"The Casting of Crowns" by Betsy O. Borchardt is available online at and 
on all online booksellers.  It's available in paperback and Kindle.  Here's what one reader,
G.M. Rayford had to say:  "A poignant story of the last days.  For Christ I live and for Christ
I die.  A foretelling of what's to come....eternal life or death.  Will you be ready?  Hats off
to the author for giving a realistic view of what's to come."


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